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Voov was founded in 2006. Since then, we have started hundreds of websites and designed close to 200 corporate identities, we worked together with many well-known domestic and foreign companies.
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Voov is a small studio founded in 2006, a workshop where we love to create. We think that every company needs a credible appearance, individuality, since this is what will stand the test of time. In our portfolio, there are websites, logos, image and packaging designs.

Our studio is an open environment that gives space to thoughts, creativity and play. Teamwork, a good atmosphere and group thinking are important to us. We aim for the same type of collaboration with our clients, too. See for yourself, let’s work on our next project together!

We also have an start up side project Billingo.hu which is an online billing solution.

Some of our clients so far: Laurel, Sony Music Magyarország, Tisza Cipő, Dorkó, Mayo Chix, Wabi Beauty Center, IMEX Filtertechnika, Naurel, NeMaradjLe.hu, Erik Sumo Band, SP, Choco Card, KataBoltja, mashKULTURE, Sollux, Foton, infoVárosok, Neckermann, ZSKF, Tyra Clothing, Deadcode Production (Hyperspace, MTV, VIVA), and various Hungarian bands and pop singers.

Our logos have been featured in the annual Logo Lounge books every year since 2008. Almost all of them are the final, accepted versions of logos designed for clients.


In 2011 we won the Website of the Year in Hungary award with our website design for Neckermann.

In 2012, we received 1st place at the packaging design competition of Kreatív Pakk (professional packaging design award) with our chocolate packaging named Choco Card.

In 2015 we won the Website of the Year in Hungary award with the Naurel webshop in e-commerce category.

In 2016 our online invoicing solution Billingo won the Website of the Year in Hungary award in two categories (B2B and solutions) and the a Marketing Diamond Price in design/creative category.

In 2017 we won three Website of the Year in Hungary awards. One with our site made for Wabi Beauty Center in tourism category, and two with our new promo website made for Billingo in B2B and solutions category.

Voov Studio

Published works in books

  • 2009 - LogoLounge 5: 2,000 International Identities by Leading Designers
  • 2010 - LogoLounge Master Library, Volume 2: 3000 Animal and Mythology Logos
  • 2010 - Graphic Beats: Independent Record Covers & Packaging Design
  • 2011 - LogoLounge 6: 2,000 International Identities by Leading Designers
  • 2012 - LogoLounge Master Library, Volume 4: 3000 Type and Calligraphy Logos
  • 2012 - LogoLounge 7: 2,000 International Identities by Leading Designers
  • 2012 - Release Me! Previously Unreleased Projects: Inspiration for Art & Design
  • 2013 - Design: Logo - An Exploration of Marvelous Marks
  • 2013 - Best Practices for Graphic Designers, Packaging:
    An essential guide for implementing effective package design solutions
  • 2014 - LogoLounge 8: 2,000 International Identities by Leading Designers
  • 2014 - Stereohype Anniversary album
  • 2015 - LogoLounge 9: 2,000 International Identities by Leading Designers
  • 2017 - LogoLounge 10: 2,000 International Identities by Leading Designers
  • Founded in 2006
  • We are a 100% independent studio
  • With 6 hardworking professionals
  • With 20+ years of experience
  • With 300+ satisfied clients
  • We constantly work together with 95% of our clients
  • 9 prestigious nationwide awards
  • Our works are published in 13 international books


The project management experience we acquired at big agencies makes it possible for us to comprehensively and effectively manage large, diverse projects too.

Along with excellent organization, we strive to make collaboration with our client just as personal, exciting and amusing as the final product itself.

Whether it is a brand new firm or a long-established company, we always strive to create a final product with which both the client and we are satisfied.

During our working process, we step out of the usual frames of thinking, we approach and examine the task that we are given from every direction, and we build the project on the hence found stable base.

As well as the elaborately designed details, user experience is of great importance, since we design for people. We always keep in mind how and for what the given project will be used, whether it is a website, an image or a packaging.

During our work we efficiently utilize the diverse skills of our fun and creative team. With our great ideas we help build bold, forward-looking as well as classic, timeless brands if need be.

Balint Egyed Balint Egyed

Balint Egyed

art director, packaging designer, executive director

When I attended to kindergarten I said that I want to be a be a painter. I studied classical art, but realized that I like less abstract works better.
I've always liked to wrap up things, so it was an obvious choice for me to attend packaging and design course at the university. In 1999 I designed my first website, after that my friends and I founded The Shadowhand Company.
In addition to web and packaging design I like to draw letters. In my spare time I'm editing videos and creating some animations, or I'm VJing with my friend Zenit as The Inglorious Funkerz in parties.

Peter Honti Peter Honti

Peter Honti

web developer, executive director

My hobbies are cycling and squash, and also like to hike. We are regular guests in the cinema with my wife because we love good movies. I enjoy a good a conversation with a drink and a delicious dinner in the company of our friends. I'm a pet lover, so we have two dogs in our family.

I'm constantly keeping touch with customers, but my main task is programming.

Melinda Hujber Melinda Hujber

Melinda Hujber

designer, graphic artist

I wanted to be a fashion designer in elementary school. I always had a sketchbook with me, in which I created a lot of designs with detailed instructions. Years later, after a major detour, I returned to drawing before going to university. This was the point when I decided that I wanted to be a graphic designer, so while I went to university, I also trained myself  in graphic design. Again I filled a lot of sketchbooks with drawings. In addition to graphic design, I like American and Japanese comics, dinosaurs, pop art and silly animation series. In my free time I like to travel, drink special beers and taste gourmet food. In my future there's a sailing boat and Mexico.


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